Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

EbdJobs.Com collects information about all users to help connect with employers and job seekers to provide  services.

Confidentiality and Security:

We regard your CV as a very personal document and we wish you to have full control over who can view it and whether or not.

  1. When you apply to jobs through our services, your resume in your account and any other information that you disclosed during your job applications will be made available to the companies you are applying to.
  2. You may block any employer not to access your CV from our database.
  3. You may remove your CV from our searchable database at any time from “Delete Resume” option at Profile.

Email Resume:

Our Email Resume service provides company for account holder to email his/her detail resume to employer with message.

E-Mail this job to a friend:

Our Mail-a-Friend service makes it easy for our users to recommend jobs to friends or relatives. Simply complete the Mail-a-Friend form and we will send an email to your specified recipient(s) containing detail job description to the selected job. We will not use your recipient’s details for any other purpose than the fulfillment of this service.

Complete Resume:

If no one can complete his/her resume, he /she will not be able to enjoy any privileges. If anybody keeps 60% complete his/her resume, they are able to enjoy all the amenities.

Job Mail Service:

The Job Mail Service matches job seekers requirements for employment with the vacancies advertised on any one of our websites. For job seekers who register to this service you receive an email listing those jobs that we believe you should be interested in. Your requirements are defined by your preferred criteria which can be used to specific job titles, skills, organization types or other definition of the job you want. You can change these criteria at any time.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies:

EbdJobs.Com uses the Google Analytics tracking technology to track visits to our website. It allows us to analyze the usage of our website and is merely for our internal use.


We use lots of tools (passwords, and physical security) to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure.

Revision and updates:

EbdJobs.Com day by day revises and updates its privacy policy and publishes changes to the policy at our website.